Ladygra 100

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Generic viagra female is a scientifically formulated tablet that is intended for usage by women to cope with female impotency issues. It is also known as Ladygra or Femalegra. This pill too makes use of the chemical, Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil is formulated to treat the impotency issue of the female reproductive organ. It sensitizes the female reproductive organ
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WORKING : Generic Viagra Female works by enhancing the blood circulation to the female reproductive system. It is learned that decreased blood supply to the feminine reproductive system during a love making session is the reason for the decreased sensitivity of feminine reproductive organ as well as arousal issues in females. Generic Viagra Female improves the supply associated with blood to the feminine reproductive system and boosts the sensitivity in the area surrounding the feminine reproductive system. Period taken by this medication to show the effect comes from 45 minutes to at least one hour. It exhibits the effect for about four to six hours. However the timing for its effect may vary depending on the individual needs and dosage used. This medicine calms the muscles within the female reproductive system, therefore the arteries in this area gets open and the blood supply to the reproductive system is elevated leading to the treatment of irregular functioning of a woman’s reproductive system during love making. Its content has Sildenafil citrate which acts efficiently to enhance the pleasure in women.
DOSE : The recommended serving of Generic Viagra Female is 100 mg per day and at least 1 hour prior to the love making activity. If 100 mg of the medicine is not showing the result you'll be able to boost the dosage of the drug to 200 mg per day but only after seeking your doctor's advice. It ought to be taken using the full glass of water since it helps the ingredients to dissolve quickly in your body and show its effects. Please keep in mind that these pills aren’t an aphrodisiac. Thus, the urge and desire to have love-making is essential with this medication to exhibit its effect. Steer clear of the fat meals prior to the love making action otherwise the dosage of the medication can have a late result. Seek emergency medical assistance or contact a doctor immediately if you notice these the signs of Ladygra or Femalegra overdose: irregular or fast heart rhythm; severe wooziness; fainting; nausea or vomiting; feeling lightheaded; or pain in chest. Overdose of the medication on a consistent basis may cause coma or sudden cardiac event that finally results in death.
SIDE EFFECTS : It has known that headaches as the frequently noticed side effects among ladies. Headache is brought on by the opening of the arterial blood vessels in the brain. Blurry vision is noticed among some individuals throughout the initial dosage associated with generic viagra female. The effect was short-term and faded when the body got make use of to the dosage of the medication. It demonstrated diarrhea and belly upset in some people, but later on it had been noted that those people were having the fragile digestion system. Issues related to the blood pressure had been observed rarely one of the individuals using this tablet. Facial flushing had been witnessed rarely.
PRECAUTIONS : The consumption of food such as fatty substances prior to the activity of sexual love ought to be avoided because it can display the delay within the treatment of malfunctioning associated with female reproductive system. Individual having the history of high/low blood pressure level, stroke, any bloodstream problems such as the leukemia disease or sickle cell anemia, the inherited eye situation called retinitis pigmentose, liver or even kidney problems, or even heart conditions should seek advice from a doctor prior to taking generic viagra female. It has to not be taken through the women who are hypersensitive to Sildenafil Citrate. Excessive consumption of alcohol impacts the working of this medicine. Excessive intake associated with alcohol on consistent basis can show you hold off in the treating the problems of sensitivity within female reproductive body organ. Sometimes the effect of the medicine is completely not really seen. Please keep your alcohol intake in charge to enjoy the benefits of generic viagra female. Do not drive or run any machinery right after taking this pill because it causes dizziness as well as drowsiness.
WARNINGS : Drugs containing nitrates, in particular nitroglycerine should be avoided along with the generic viagra female. Your blood levels to drop to unsafe levels because of intake of this medication and nitroglycerine together. Heart attack, stroke, or dizziness is noted sometimes. Please consult your doctor or the pharmacist to know more drugs containing nitrates. Avoid the intake of this pill, if you don't need it. In some cases it was observed that women were failing to get the arousal without the intake of generic viagra female. In other words, habitual intake of this medication should be avoided. Please take the doctor's prescription before starting the dosage. Store it away from direct sunlight and moisture. Dust-free environment is necessary for the storage of this drug, so please store it in air-tight container. Keep this drug away from the reach of children. Consult the doctor before taking this drug if you are pregnant.